Lyrical Scenes

Think about the lyrics to your favorite song. Use a stanza (or two) as a jumping off point for a scene.

Also, write a post about whatever your heart desires.


Hello again!

We’ve taken a bit of a break, but it’s time to get back into the swing of things!

Advanced Creative Writing

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*NEW* assignment.

We’ve been working on your genius hour projects for the last few weeks, and now it’s time to report.

Write a blog post where you tell us how everything has been going. Consider the questions below as you write:

What has been going well?
What have you created thus far? (pictures would be cool!)
What steps have you taken to ensure success on your project?
How have you failed? (It’s ok to fail-in fact, you usually have to make a lot of mistakes before you get the results you want.)
What’s frustrating you?
What’s your plan for the next few weeks?
Who/What can help you be successful?

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Welcome to the Blog!

Hello and welcome to Westlake’s Creative Writing blog.

The purpose of this blog is to:

1. Provide a central location for all assignments and examples (some shown in class, others not)

2. Provide easy access to the writing of other students

Things to Do:
– come up with a pen name* (pick something that is unique and meaningful to you)
– create your own blog via

– Post an introduction on your blog (remember, you are speaking to the blogosphere, not just to me or your classmates, so make sure you stay safe and keep it anonymous).

Not sure how to start? Try looking at these posts:

Intro Examples:

Still need some ideas? Look here:

After you have written your intro post, personalize your blog. Pick a theme that you like. Add some pictures. Add some widgets. Make it yours.

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*Note: Ms. Rallison’s pen name is not Harold Miner.